BrickIt - Dynaway Sorting Plant

This project is a LEGO® Sorting plant, that sorts 2x4 and 1x2 bricks by size and color.

Death from Above

Death from Above:

Wildlife photographer Markus Varesvuo snapped this amazing picture of a herring gull attacking an eagle. Gulls often join together to drive predators away from breeding grounds, but sometimes solitary gulls do the dirty work, too. For the greatest impact, they swoop in from above and behind a bird of prey.

Yes or No?

Yes or No?:

Well, depends on your point of view, of course. This clever sculpture,
aptly called "Yes-No," is made by sculptor and conceptual artist
Markus Raetz.
Via Look-E-Here

Crocheted Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Glasses Holder

Crocheted Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Glasses Holder:

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew of Muppet Labs doesn’t actually have eyes, but his glasses are stylin’. Craftster member djonesgirl made this crocheted model of his head so you have a place to put your glasses. You can find her pattern at the link.

Link -via Geek Crafts

Brains in a Jar Cupcakes

Brains in a Jar Cupcakes:

This dessert looks creepy, but it’s actually delicious cake with brain-shaped frosting and a bit of raspberry jelly for blood, all stuffed on a jar. The instructions for making your own are at Living Locurto. Link -via Everlasting Blort

My Neighbor Batman

Artist:  Matthew Petz