Taco Mail

One of my favorite skits ever.

Inflatable Bear Head

Must.  Have.

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"The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get"

Paper Porcupine

This is made of paper.  Really!

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See-through Pontiac

See-through Pontiac: "

General Motors built two or possibly three transparent automobiles to display at the New York World’s Fair of 1939-1940. The Pontiac Deluxe seven-window touring sedan (B-body) from that project is going up for sale. In between, it’s been on tour all over the country, displayed at the Smithsonian, and owned by a private citizen. Get more details on this car at Hemmings Blog. -via Evil Mad Linkblog

The Dynamic Duo?

I'll settle for second place


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Balloon T-Rex

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Origami Mantis

Ears looking at you

Ears looking at you: "It has had several facelifts over the past twenty-two years and has been used in countless advertising campaigns (my favorite utilizes it at a landing platform for an X-Wing in a Star Wars Weekends promotion). It was, for a time, the park icon for the park when it was known as Disney-MGM Studios. It stands 130 feet tall, with a pair of mouse ears that weigh 5,000 pounds apiece and a hat size of 342 and 3/8. And still, there is nothing quite like the original incarnation of the Earffel Tower.

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Marvel Hoodies


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Super Mario Fire Hydrant

Hot Dog People


A slicer that turns hot dogs into people.  Wait, what?!

Flying Shark

We're not safe anymore...

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Millenium Falcon Wedding Cake

It even has working lights!

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Father's Day in the Wild

Father's Day In The Wild

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More Mario Chuck Taylors


If you're a geologist or geophysicist and you don't introduce yourself by saying your name, then gesturing downward and saying "... and I study that", I don't know what you're doing with your life.

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Zombie Finger

Origami Batman


Mario Chuck Taylor's


Star Wars Hoodies



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The Hot Dog Fairy


Robins: 4 Eggs, 4 Weeks from Fred Margulies on Vimeo.

Stinging Caterpillars

Don't mess with these caterpillars!

The Ark In Space has a great piece on the different varieties of stinging caterpillars in the United States.

Shooting Circular Sawblades With The Slingshot

Henry's Chicken

This is the recipe for the chicken that Henry liked so much in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

2 Pounds Sugar
8 Ounces Season Salt
2 Ounces Chili Powder
2 Ounces Ground Black Pepper
2 Ounces Paprika
1 Ounce Cumin
1/2 Ounce Garlic Salt
1/2 Ounce Onion Powder

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Elephants Assist in Tornado Clean-Up

A Picadilly Circus show was canceled in Joplin, MO following the tornado that recently ravaged the city. Rather than packing up and moving out of town, the circus enlisted the help of its largest performers to help with the clean-up. A volunteer captured this clip of an elephant dragging a car closer to the street so it could be hauled away.

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Ansel Adams

The Unimog Is The Largest Lego Technic Set Ever Sold

Lego is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog (an impossibly gigantic truck generally found in Europe and used for mostly military and construction applications) by offering the largest Tecnnic set ever sold.

The highly detailed model will be 1:12.5 scale and include over 2000 pieces. It will feature a pneumatically operated crane with a gripper arm that rotates a full 360-degrees, as well as a front winch and an optional snow plow.

Look for it to drop in August for around $250.

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Rare Blue Lobster

Only one in four million lobsters is blue, a genetic mutation in coloring that makes for an interesting-looking creature. This blue lobster was caught Wednesday off the shores of Prince Edward Island, the only one since 2009. Blair Doucette, the fisherman who nabbed the beauty, says he has never caught a blue lobster in his 30 years of fishing. He is considering donating the lobster to a local aquarium.

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